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From Basic to Bomb!



From Basic to Bomb!

Welcome to Carese Beauty!

Founded by JaNeshia Wilson, Carese Beauty is a natural, vegan beauty brand formulated with nature and balance in mind. Carese Beauty cosmetics collections are uniquely designed with an inclusive mindset. Each product is specifically designed to nurture natural beauty for ALL women. 

For decades, I found myself trying so many variations of serums, creams, soaps, even prescriptions to satisfy my troubled skin. As I learned more about my skin, I found out many of the ingredients used in those products created new issues. I kept trying new things and realized, I was allergic to many of the synthetic chemicals found in so many skincare products. I began doing my research and discovered how to combine and apply nature's ingredients and obtain the results that agreed with my skin!

I decided to step out on faith and created a beauty brand that I believe will provide lasting results without the harsh effects. 

My go-to when rockin' any look is to have a perfect glossy lip! It just makes or breaks your whole mood! I was tired of being a product junky. I started this journey by creating vegan lip gloss. I wanted a gloss that offered a nice shine but also embodied health benefits as well.
After much prayer and sacrifice, Carese Beauty has delivered! 

I knew that creating this line would be the push I needed to take my entrepreneurial journey to the next level. Let me tell you, procrastination can be such a distraction, ceasing any action. I continually encouraged myself  saying, "don’t wait on the "perfect conditions" cause girl, there are none."


Start now.


 Unearth the gift within you!

I hope my collection blesses everyone it touches. My goal is to provide you the best vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic line both good to you and for you!

Thank you for your support in advance.

Again, I welcome you to Carese Beauty, the Endearing Touch. I hope you follow me on this journey.

God Bless,

Neshia, CEO Carese Beauty, LLC

Multicultural Women


Quality Products at Quality Prices