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Skin care in humid climates

Ugh, this weather is so humid! My skin feels so sticky. Just look at my pores. Is that acne breaking out too?! These are some of this things that you may endure as your skin reacts to the change in climate. It isn't uncommon for us to want to use products that take out the extra oil and build up from our skin. The important tip you should should keep in mind is that soap is a daily essential, but choosing the best cleansing products with so many on the market can prove to be confusing, expensive (trial and error) and very time-consuming as you try to find the product that works for your skin type. Balance is key as your skin uses it's natural defenses to stay hydrated and balanced.

What happens to your skin during humid climates?

Your pores are most vulnerable and opened leaving a breeding space for oil and dirt to build and cause skin irritation and unevenness. To protect your skin, is best avoid prolonged period of exposure to humid conditions and cleanse your skin often. Don't forget to apply a good moisturizer!

Here are a few tips to help you select the cleansing products for those months of humidity.

  1. Go for natural ingredients.

  • There are many cleansers and soaps packed with harsh ingredients such as parabens and those that are highly toxic such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) that is proven to be carcinogenic and dry your skin out. The goal in a creating a healthy skin care regimen requires you to use products that contain natural and pure ingredients, especially for daily use.

2. Bar vs Liquid Soap.

  • Bar soap is said to be less hygienic but longer lasting than liquid soap. Depending on your preference for application, you can use just your hands to apply the bar soap or hold in your hand with a towel. With liquid soap, you have a bit more versatility such as applying it to a loofa, scrub brush, bare hands, or towel. The best thing I would suggest is consider your personal preference and which product has value added benefits for your skin care needs.

3. Choosing soap for your skin type

  • For very hot or humid weather, using a cleanser that is specific for oily skin types works best. It is important to adjust your products based on the time of year and what your skin is telling you it needs. Those of you who have sensitive skin should always keep in mind using the products that work best for you to avoid any skin flares or allergic reactions.

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